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Impacting Lives


MW Impact believes that not all children/young adults naturally know how to make good choices. We strongly believe that decision-making is a key life skill. We aim to ensure they understand the importance of making the correct choices in everyday situations. In some cases, it has been known that where pupils personal and social skills were not developing, they have become passive during lessons and lack the ability to work independently. In extreme cases it has been known that homophobic and racist language has a common place within schools. Implementing social and emotional skills gives the children the chance to understand each other as the individuals themselves and their peers are.

Group Mentoring Sessions

The area’s we will be covering are:

Friends/social groups

Consequences of positive and negative choices

Raising self-worth

Impacts of social media and pressure

Attitude/application to life

Protective behaviour

Developing self esteem

Reduction in bullying

There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning”.

Future Skills with MW Impact

Find Your Future (Employability Skills)

The career system becomes a turmoil of pathways each promising great successes and hopeful futures however for those young people who hold no behavioural or emotional issues but who seem to have lost their way in life, this system can be confusing if not difficult. We at MW offer support to young people to increase their self-understanding, to further awareness of their strengths and to ignite their passions. This support allows individuals to understand their purpose in life, to society and to themselves, furthering their potential to succeed. In addition, many young people are not aware of their opportunities or what they can achieve therefore our guided mentoring allows them to explore their abilities.

MW offers a unique “skills to succeed” guide which focuses on communication, mannerisms, gestures, body posture and attitude. Our guide provides young people with all the essentials they need to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner within varying environments amongst differing audiences.

What we do in this programme:

Thoroughly construct a bespoke progress plan and action plan

CV writing

Interview techniques

Breakdown of personal attributes, character, and attitudes

Create an understanding of own conduct and potential

Exploration of each individuals’ future aspirations and abilities

Upskill Workshops

MW Impact encourages every young person to ‘believe in their potential’. By offering our Upskill Workshops, we can support and encourage young people to develop knowledge and gain confidence in areas of interest they could potentially build a career and/or business from.

MW upskill workshop programme

We cover in this programme:


Careers work experience

Beauty (Lash Extensions, Aesthetics)


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