Suicide and Self Harm Awareness

Impacting Lives

Suicide & Self Harm

With the rate of self harm amongst the younger generation doubling over the past six years, it’s vital to educate people on the importance of suicide and self-harm awareness. This workshop is delivered in a respectful and tasteful manner, knowing that there will be students that are experiencing this first hand.

We have a strong team at MW Impact who are very experienced in talking to individuals who are dealing with these feelings.

Unfortunately, Statistics show that suicide is the leading cause of death of those under 35-year-old. These statistics are chilling, and it drives us to work closely with affected people to establish reasons why they feel this way, what triggers these feelings and how we can support them to help manage these feelings in an alternative way.

Self- harm and Suicide cases are becoming more and more frequent in adolescents as time moves on so it’s key that we offer an ear to listen and some comforting words to help people realise that they are not alone.

MW Impact working towards reducing suicide

Responses to Emotional Pain

On this programme, we address the physical responses to emotional pain with experienced speakers from the MW team.

Emotional pain comes with its own complications, the typical feelings we get emotionally are:







The above can quickly escalate into substance abuse, self-harm and in the worst cases, suicide.

Every life is valuable. Everyone should feel like they are being listened to.

“the epic story of tomorrow can’t be written if it ends today”.

MW Impact educating young people on self harm

Learn About Suicide & Self Harm Awareness

It’s worrying how many people act and speak without thinking of the consequences of their actions. At MW Impact we have an amazing community who speak from first-hand experiences. It’s so important to learn the triggers that might lead to an individual self harming or attempting suicide. We aim to explore societal attitudes and explore the media and the way it can negatively affect us. Everything is so easily accessible to young people now: news, YouTube, tik tock, Instagram, the list goes on… Bullying is recorded and streamed online, fights are filmed live on Facebook. How does this affect the person? How does it affect their Sister? Mother, Friends?

Recognise the Signs

Developing the skills to recognise the feelings, thoughts, signs, and behaviour of suicide and self harm in individuals could be paramount in preventing someone from taking their own life. Suicidal feelings are complex and different for every person. Unfortunately, many young people feel lonely and haven’t felt they could ask for help.

With social media and the internet becoming more and more apparent in people’s lives, so many of us are isolating ourselves from the real world and individuals are falling victim to their own self worth from comments and likes from social platforms.

The Importance of Support

We believe we are a mechanism of support at MW Impact. The importance of a life is immeasurable. Understanding self harm and suicide could prevent this from happening in the first place. In our suicide and self harm awareness course, we talk (without judgement), educate and support.

Suicide & self harm awareness workshop by MW Impact

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