The Gentleman Programme

Impacting Lives

Male Mentoring

Both males and females experience different issues throughout their young life. This is why we tailor a specific programme for males called ‘The Gentleman Programme’.

The main goal of The Gentleman Programme is to create a safe atmosphere for all young men by fostering their attitudes through culturally relevant encounters and dialogues that will enable them to acquire the knowledge and habits needed to live a happy and positive life.

the Gentleman Programme

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

- Albert Einstein

Gentleman Programme with MW Impact

A Programme for Males Aged 11 Upwards

The Gentleman Programme will operate to help young males aged 11 and above no matter their background or personal circumstance, if the young male wants to change then we at MW will not say no. The purpose of ‘The Gentleman Programme’ is to influence the young male generation of today and positively impact both their lives and the progress of society.

A Programme for Males Aged 11 Upwards

This programme operates in weekly sessions format with a set issue per session to target set criteria that we believe young males are lacking or need support on. Each week a new topic will be asserted with scope for discussion but fuelled with information and personal accounts; we feel this two-pronged approach will entice individuals in, without the feeling of being judged. The average programme lasts 8 weeks, however, can be tailored to fit the term or specifications necessary.

In the gentleman programme, we cover:

How to conduct themselves efficiently for the working environment and family life

The programme will help educate the young males in a plethora of categories, starting with the basics on how to conduct oneself, how to speak to both gain and give respect, how to act according to their environment

How to operate respectfully with women and taking responsibility for their actions

Preparation for future endeavors as well as career matching and exploration

Understanding of who to associate with, friendships and family ties

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